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Pinoy Street Food: Kwek Kwek or Tokneneng Recipe

Many Filipinos mistakenly call Tokneneng as Kwek Kwek or vice versa. Tokneneng are actually made up of chicken eggs while Kwek kwek are quail eggs. Both are cooked the same way just the source of eggs differs.

Kwek kwek (or Tokneneng) isn’t spared from the belief that eggs should be avoided due to its link to cardiovascular diseases. Anti-aging research says consumption of an egg daily is part of a complete anti-aging diet. Research and long term studies have shown that eggs are a great dietary source of calories (75 calories), cholesterol (213 mg), protein (6.25 gm), and a variety of important nutrients for the body.

I personally love to eat kwek-kwek for dinner or afternoon snack. Foods such as eggs consumed everyday are healthy as long as they are eaten in moderation.

Here is a recipe of kwek kwek you can personally cook. Kwek kwek taste the best when eaten freshly cooked and hot.

1 dozen peeled hard boiled quail eggs (or chicken eggs)
1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
few drops of food coloring (orange)
salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil

1. Place the boiled quail or chicken eggs and ΒΌ cup of flour in a clean plastic bag oor with zip lock
2. Seal the bag by tying and shake them until eggs are evenly coated with flour.
3. Mix all remaining ingredients except cooking oil.
4. With a fork, mix it to a smooth batter.
5. Dump those little eggs to the batter.
6. Heat enough cooking oil for deep frying in a deep, frying pan.
7. Spoon out those eggs from the batter and chuck it in the hot cooking oil.
8. Wait until the coating turns crispy for about a minute or so.
9. Served best with vinegar with chili and sliced cucumber and seaweed.

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stone deft said:

29 August, 2009 @ 5:13 am

Ngek ganun lang pala un

Marie V. said:

24 November, 2009 @ 8:37 am

Thanks for the recipe. I plan to sell kwek-kwek . How long can we preserved kwek kwek coated with flour if it doesn’t sell? How do we preserved it? should we keep it frozen or just in chiller?

feelingjapanese said:

8 January, 2010 @ 11:40 am

arigato gozaimashita. maraming maraming salamat!

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